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Allergy in Atopic Asthma and Rhinitis as a function of a deficiency in the Lu and Kid defensive qi system
Three methods to curb headaches
Acupuncture is to be covered in the United states
Acupuncture Safe In Kids
Alumni on TV
China Conclusion
All Hospital Videos
China Observation - Neurology Department
China Observation - Dermatology Department
Videos - Vsit to the acrobatics theatre 1-4
Video observation - Bell's Palsy treatment by acupuncture
Videos - Phil & Jong's China Journey
China Observation - Gynecology Department
China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences
Neck Tension – The missing link in chronic disease (pain) and idiopathic health conditions
China Introduction
China Class: Introduction (Day 1 and 2)
Sequence of QI FLOW in the CHANNELS
Chronic Sinusitis, Tinnitus, Anxiety, Shoulder Tesion
Easier Neck & Shoulder Cupping
Efficient Time Management
Phil's TCM Journey
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