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Allergy in Atopic Asthma and Rhinitis as a function of a deficiency in the Lu and Kid defensive qi system

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Author: Dr. Michael Lind


allergyAllergy is loosely defined as a disorder of the immune system, whereby this system is improperly misguided into a hypersensitive state as a defense against foreign pathogens which, by themselves, are usually considered harmless.This process of hypersensitivity will be examined as it manifests in the airways of individuals as the pathologies of allergic asthma and rhinitis. From the Western standpoint, the focus is on humoral immunity (TH2 cytokines) and the production of immunoglobulin IgE, and its trigger toward inflaming and occluding the airways through bronchoconstriction.


Three methods to curb headaches

acupuncture helps headache and migrainesWho has never had a headache? Well, it is really not a question, but it is a good way to begin the discussion.

There are many researches concluded the effectiveness of treating headaches with acupuncture, there are also more media coverage of the topic. Here is another one, "The Doctors" - an award-winning daytime TV show, which recently recommended 3 methods to curb headaches, acupuncture is on the top of the list.


China Conclusion

Hello everyone!

It sure has been a long time since i've touched base here on the community and I apologize for the delay since my last blog; I could bombard everyone with excuses but we all know that's all they are - excuses. Regardless, i've been home for roughly 6 weeks and I must say it was an incredibile experience to be in Asia. I'm sure many of you have heard stories of people engaging with travels and experiencing new opportunites around the world and all i can say is each experience is unique to its own. The one thing I can guarantee to anyone willing or able to emark on such a journey - regardless of how long - is that they will bring back a new perspective on how they may view things. When I say 'things' i realize it is a very broad term - the interesting 'thing' is that this will be different for everyone and it truly will be unique. 

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