LU-3 (Tian Fu)


Chinese Name:

Tianfu 天府

English translation:

Heavenly Residence, Celestial Storehouse


On the medial aspect of the upper arm, on the radial side of m. biceps brachii, 3 cun below the front end of the axillary fossa.

Locating methods:

The patient sits or lies in the bed. This acupoint is in 3 cun below superior wrinkles and on the radial border of biceps. Simple locating methods: patient sits there, raise his arms forwards, and then get down his head. The place that his nose touches on his upper arm is this acupoint.


Window of the Sky point


Epistaxis (nosebleed) • Cough, asthma • Pain in the shoulder and medial aspect of the upper arm • Psychological issues such as depression, dizziness, forgetfulness and confusion (Window of the Sky point).


Descends Lu qi, stops bleeding, calms the po.


Perpendicular insertion .5 - 1.0 cun. No moxa