UB-2 (Zan Zhu)


Chinese Name:

Zanzhu 攒竹

English translation:

Bamboo Gathering


On the face, in the depression on the medial end of the eyebrow, on the supraorbital notch.


  • Headache, pain in superciliary ridge, redness/swelling and pain of eye.
  • Visual dizziness, blurred vision, excessive lacrimation, twitching of eyelids, nebula, facial paralysis, psychosis, infantile convulsions, stiff neck, wind-stroke.
  • Eye diseases, night blindness, itching of eyes, inability to open eyes wide, allergic rhinitis, incessant sneezing, pain in face and cheecks, cadaveric syncope, high blood pressure, cephalic congestion in children, painful haemorrhoids, aversion to wind and cold.


Benefits the eyes, clears Heat, expels Wind.


Subcutaneous insertion .5 - .8 cun, or prick to cause bleeding. No moxa.