Dear New and Current Students of the ACATCM,

With the health and safety of our students in mind, the ACATCM is officially announcing that the Fall 2020 Fall semester will be a combination of ZOOM Live Streaming and in-person Laboratory and practicum studies.

The laboratory classes will divide groups into safe sizes and be provided as needed with specific details presented per class at a later date. Overall course deliveries will consist of 70% live-stream classes and 30% in-person study.

Students will need to download and install the Zoom Application to their computers and/or smart devices to access live classes. You can find the program and a tutorial respectively in the links below:

Sign up and Download Here

Quick Tutorial Here

An invite will be sent to your preferred email and will include the class, instructor, and time of class at least a day before class.

With this, the class schedule will be as follows:

We look forward to seeing everyone online and in the clinic,


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