Are part-time students’ schedules different from those of full-time students at ACATCM?

At ACATCM, part-time and full-time students attend the same classes at the same scheduled times, regardless of their study status. However, the number of classes a part-time student takes per semester may differ from that of a full-time student.

Although part-time study is subject to space availability in full-time classes, ACATCM groups students based on the year of their program. As a result, part-time students attend classes with full-time students who are in the same year of their program. This approach promotes interaction and collaboration between students, regardless of their study status.

It’s important to note that both part-time and full-time students cover the same curriculum and receive the same level of education. The only difference is the number of classes they take per semester. Full-time students typically take an average of 4-5 classes and 20-25 hours of class time per week, while part-time students take 5-15 hours of class time per week, depending on their individual schedules.

Ultimately, the choice between part-time and full-time study depends on the student’s individual needs and circumstances. While full-time study may be suitable for those who can dedicate more time to their education, part-time study offers more flexibility for students who have other commitments such as work or family. It’s important to speak with an academic advisor to determine the best option based on individual circumstances.

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