Diligence is Safety

With the news of outbreaks within Calgary Schools and hospitals as well as high-ranking officials contracting the disease, we need to make sure we remain diligent with our own safety. To do this we will be reminding all of our students and staff of all the steps in place to keep everyone safe and increase […]

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Intern Clinic Reopening Stays ON HOLD!

Last week, the Alberta government announced the Chief Medical Officer of Health Order (CMOH ) 07-2020.  The CMOH Order 07-2020 is a part of the Alberta Government’s Re-Launch Strategy. The order permitted regulated health professions to reopen which subject to approved reopening guidelines by the Alberta government. However, the one published on May 4th, CMOH Order 16-2020, that amended CMOH Order

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Covid-19 Update May 4th, 2020

Alberta Re-launch Update Dear Students, On April 30th, the Alberta Government announced to re-launch/re-open ALL allied healthcare professions. We are excited to see that the Alberta government will soon be relaxing public health measures, and here is the latest update on Covid-19 related to ACATCM. Classroom Reopen As our programs are allowed for delivery during

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Covid-19 Live Intentional Video Seminar

In collaboration with Sino North American Partnership For Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wanfang Med, Huatuo Institute, Alberta Huatuo  Health Society, together with our partner Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ACATCM hosted its Live Intentional Video Seminar (LIVS) on April 19, 2020, with over 4000 attendees regarding Heat Sensitive Moxibustion. Dr. Rixin Chen, founder of Heat

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Covid-19 Update April 5th, 2020

Two-week Midterm Break remains as scheduled Dear Students, I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy! As events have been unfolding we have been having the ongoing conversation about our April break. It is clear to us that a great number of students have made plans for the two-week spring break, and we have decided

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