100% Success Rate:
ACATCM Students Excel in Alberta Licensing Exams

Calgary, AB – June 11, 2024

The Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) is proud to congratulate the Class of 2024 on the remarkable achievements in the Alberta Acupuncture Registration Examinations.

Unwavering Support for Exam Preparation

For over 27 years, ACATCM has stood as a pillar of excellence and innovation in acupuncture and TCM education in Alberta. We provide extensive support to our students preparing for the rigorous Pan-Canadian exams. Through tailored review sessions, mock exams, and one-on-one mentorship, the college ensures that every student is well-prepared to meet and exceed the demanding standards of these examinations. This year, our graduates exemplified these qualities, demonstrating dedication, empathy, and a holistic approach throughout their studies and get 100% passing rate in the Alberta Acupuncture Registration Examinations.

Dr. Benny Xu, Director of ACATCM, expressed his heartfelt pride to the graduates, “Your countless hours of study, late nights, and perseverance have not only earned you this success but have also prepared you to be knowledgeable and resilient practitioners. Impressively, every member of this year’s graduating class passed all parts of the Alberta Licensing Exams.”

The New Chapter of our Graduates

The graduates are now stepping into the professional world, carrying forward the legacy and foundation provided by ACATCM. “Our program is just the beginning,” Dr. Xu added. “It’s now up to each of you to shape the future of your careers and the impact you will have on your patients and the broader field of TCM.”

ACATCM emphasizes the importance of community and ongoing curiosity within healthcare. Graduates are encouraged to stay connected with their instructors, peers, and the wider healthcare community, fostering relationships that support professional growth and innovation.

“Stay curious and continue to explore,” Dr. Xu advised. “Research and exploration are the catalysts for innovation in TCM. Keep in touch with the wide-eyed enthusiasm you brought into your first year. That drive is as valuable as the knowledge and experience you’ve gained.”

As these new practitioners venture forward, they carry with them the values and education of ACATCM, ready to transform lives and contribute positively to global health. They are always a part of the ACATCM family. We look forward to seeing the paths they forge in making the world a better place through their compassion, knowledge, and skills.

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