Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain

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Patient info: female, 74 years old. Return Patient.

Date of visit: 2016-03-17

Chief complaint: patient experiences knee pain when walking downstairs. Pain of the right shoulder due to lifting boxes, but R.O.M. is good.


Digestion/bowel movements are good, sleeping well. Energy level is 7/10.

Tongue: scarlet-red, dark, teeth-marks, central crack.

Pulse: thready, wiry, deep.


Bi syndrome, Qi and blood deficiency leading to blood stasis.

Treatment Principle:

Acupuncture LI11,TW14 and LI15(Lt),LI4,LI11,SP10,ST38(LT),TW4,GB34, Heding (RT).

Formula: Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang.