Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain - 7th - 10th Visit

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Date of Visit : 2016-05-12

Chief complaint: loose stool, bloating.

Findings: Tongue: short, cracked, swollen. Pulse:full, large.

Assessment: Spleen and Stomach Qi rebellion, dampness.

Treatment plan: SP9, ST 40, SP 3, REN 9, REN12, ST 36. Herbal formula: Si Jun Zi Tang.


Date of Visit: 2016-05-26

Chief complaint: upset stomach, nervousness.

Findings: energy-ok, sleeping well. Tongue: swollen, cracked,purple. Pulse: deep, forceful.

Assessment: Liver Qi stagnation, Liver overacting on Spleen.

Treatment plan: SP9, LIV 3, LIV 13, REN 6, REN 12, ST 36, KID 6.


Date of Visit: 2016-06-02

Chief complaint: shoulder pain, knees ache, feet feel swollen (lower leg and feet edema).

Findings: Tongue: short, red, cracked, moist, no coating. Pulse: full, rapid, forceful.

Assessment: heat, blood stasis, Qi stagnation.

Treatment plan: SP4, LIV 2, LI 4, SP 9, SP 10, LI 11, ST 36, ST 38 (RT), KID 6, SJ 4. Herbal formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang.


Date of Visit: 2016-06-16

Chief complaint: RT shoulder pain, knees ache, but the patient is feeling much  better overall.

Findings: Energy-good, digestion-good, sleeping well. Tongue: short, swollen (LU area), peeled, cracked. Pulse: LT: deep, wiry; RT: full, surging.

Assessment: Qi and blood stasis.

Treatment plan: SP 9, SP 10, ST 36, LU 9, SJ 3, SP 5, SP 6, He Ding. Foot reflexology. Ear seeds: LU, ST, HT. Herbal formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (2nd bottle).