Severe Pain On Left Side of The Upper Body

Patient Info: Female, 51.

Date of Initial visit: February, 2015

Patient originally came to the clinic complaining of severe pain on left side of the upper body. There was pain and swelling in the region of the antero-lateral aspect of the chest, below the lateral extremity of the clavicle, in the area of the delto-pectoral triangle. The pain radiated to the scapular region and down left arm to fingers. It also radiated up through neck, around the left ear to the left sinus area and temple.

The patient had visited doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists attempting to get relief from the pain. At the time of the first treatment, the patient was receiving Active Release treatments from a chiropractor and was taking medication for the pain.

After the initial treatment the patient report significant improvement in the intensity of the pain and had some improvement in range of motion of the shoulder.

After 8 treatments the range of motion in the shoulder joint was almost completely restored.

Primary acupuncture points used: GB41; LR3; SP5; ST38; LU7; TW5; SI3; DU24

The patient has continued to visit the clinic for other health concerns.