Sore legs and arms (muscle pain)

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Patient info: female, 74 years old.

Initial visit: 2012-07-24

Chief complaint:

Soreness of the arms and legs (patient recently wrenched both arm and has pain when having to lift them up or move them back).


Diabetes (taking Metformin).


Tongue: red, thicker white to yellow coating (from middle to the back); central crack.

Pulse: slightly fast, slippery, weaker kidney.

Lots of edema in the lower parts of the body.

Sleep and digestion are good. Bowel movements:1 - 2 per day usually well formed but on occasion constipated. Body temperature- on the hotter side.


SP Qi Def with Damp Retention, Yin Def with Def Heat

Treatment plan:

Drain damp, move Qi & blood, tonify Spleen.

Acupuncture points used: SP9/LU5, SP4/PC6, SP6, SP10, LI4/LV3