Swollen Lips - Swollen Lips due to Allergy

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Patient Info: Female, age 56.

Date of Initial visit: May 25, 2016. 

Main Complaint: 

Patient came in with swollen lips. Cracked, tingling, burning, and swollen. No western diagnosis confirmed. 


Looked as though patient had an allergic reaction of some sort. This is an ongoing condition; happened for the first time 3 years ago. Has currently had this current outbreak for 3-4 weeks. Thought it was from Apples, she ate fresh fruit in Cuba a couple weeks ago. 


Tongue: Purple tongue body, red dots at tip and on sides, slight yellow coating along midline (drank coffee that morning). 

Pulse: Right - Weak, deep, slow. Left - Weak.


Liver toxicity, heat. 


Relieve toxicity/ soothe liver, clear heat. 

Points: Gb 38, Liv 4, Li 4, St 44, St 8, Sp 6, Blood let Helix 5 on ear. Gave watermelon frost powder to put on lips.