Heel Pain

Heel Pain & Acupuncture

Heel pain may be due to variety of different foot problems and plantar fasciitis is the most common condition, others like heel spurs and achilles tendonitis also are popular causes.

Typical treatment including resting, stretching, orthotic devices, splinting, oral medication, injective medication and surgery.

Although the cause of heel pain varies, however, in traditional Chinese medicine heel pain is a direct result of the movement and flow of qi and blood in the affected area obstructed and the channels and vessels lose their nourishment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes when energy flows through the meridians freely, there is no pain.

At ACATCM College Clinic, the common points we use to help heel pain patients including:

  • Kun Lun (Bl 60)
  • Zhao Hai (Ki 6)
  • Tai Xi (Ki 3)
  • Shen Mai (Bl 62)
  • Jue Gu (GB 39)
  • Pu Can (Bl 61)
  • Shang Qiu (Sp 5)
  • Qiu Xu (GB 40)

Oral Chinese herbs are commonly prescribed for patients with kidney deficiencies, and external herbal ointments are often given for patients with blood stasis. Contact us now for an appointment or further information on how can we help you to walk pain free.