Intern Clinic

Providing affordable Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services.

With thousands of satisfied patients on file, we provide our patients with peace of mind. At ACATCM, our interns are passionate and professional! We will not settle with anything other than excellence!.

Intern Clinic Fees

  • Initial visit with acupuncture treatment: $25
  • Follow-up acupuncture treatment: $25
  • Initial Chinese medicine consultation: Free
  • Follow-up consultation: Free
  • Package of 5 acupuncture treatment: $120
  • Package of 10 acupuncture treatment: $225
  • Cupping Session: $25

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Since 1997, we have seen thousands of satisfied patients.
We are devoted on providing health care excellence, and we provide you with results and peace of mind!

Acupuncture - A Natural Medicine

Healing is accomplished by stimulating biologically significant
points on the surface of the body.

Acupuncture is more than meridians and points, and Chinese medicine is beyond medicine.
We provide you with comprehension.