Insufficient and Termination of Lactation

Insufficient or Termination of Lactation

It is relatively unknown for most that acupuncture provides natural, side-effect free and superb effective treatment to enhance milk flow for nursing mothers.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes milk is transformed from Qi and blood as they both are part of essence for our body to perform normal activities. The production of Qi and blood depends on many internal organs such as Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine insufficient and termination of lactation might be caused by one or combine of

  • deficiency of Qi and blood
  • liver Qi stagnation (use stress as a sign in this case)

To make the correct diagnose, we may look at other manifestation such as

  • pulse,
  • tongue,
  • secretion,
  • hardness of the breasts,
  • pain in the breast,
  • lassitude,
  • emotions, irritability,
  • exhaustion,
  • appetite and stools.

Most of times a nursing mom is recommended to induce lactation by stimulating her breasts on herself and/or her partner, which can be painful and takes time to work.

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