Clinical Observation Blocks

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Observation Blocks for Enhanced Clinical Observation

Clinical observation blocks is a system developed with student learning at its core. The goals are to maintain a consistent schedule with students of the same level of learning, with a single clinical supervisor to enhance clinical observation time, and develop student learning and application within the clinical setting. You will have focused attention with the goals to get you ready for the next steps in your education. 

Observation Block Scheduling

Starting February 13th, 2023 the block observation schedule will be observed for all clinical observation courses in both locations for our Winter Term. 

Each student is responsible to attend every scheduled observation date and any excused absence will need to be made up on a weekend or during breaks. Any absence without notice given to a supervisor will be marked as an unexcused absence. 

Unless specified, each block will meet the hour requirements for the observation section and students need only to choose ONE option to fulfill their hours (either from block 1 or block 2).

Year One Winter

Year Two Winter

Year Three Winter

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