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Phil's TCM Journey

When i'm asked what sparked my interest or got me into TCM, still to this day I have no answer to that question. Its funny because I can look back to sitting in my father's car in grade 9 when he went for a treatment back in our home town, Red Deer. It was summer time, a couple days right before a family road trip to Victoria island. I remember feeling intrigued to the idea of inserting needles into a person's skin to produce healing like affects, but i had no idea of the principles or theory behind such a philosophy. 

Now, more than 8 years since that moment - here I am practicing and constantly learning about TCM and still trying to figure out what made me so intrigued; or how I was able to find such an incredible field that really has drawn me in without really knowing anything about it. However, after seeing what it has done and continues to do for people, I don't think i'll ever need an answer to that question!


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