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China Introduction

Jong and I are in Chinaville! The future is sweet...we'll start posting videos and messages right away.

We are going to have things organized in 2 ways.

1) For those of you who are interested in the Hospital/Classroom knowledge and experiences, check out videos tied to my account: PhilShoe.

2) For those of you who are interested in our general experiences throughout Beijing and acting not very professional at all, check out videos tied to Jong's account: jongs.

I will post our exact schedule once we get it from the hospital tomorrow, but as of right now we are in the hospital in the mornings and in class in the afternoons. The educational material will be coming up shortly but right now we just have Jong and I speaking of our arrival - please excuse the excessive use of sarcasm.

Feel free to ask us any questions or anything that you would like us to pass on to the doctors; or even general inquiries about Beijing or crazy stunts you'd like us to perform.

Talk soon everyone!

{rokbox title=|Phil and Jong's China Journey:: Arrival.| thumb=|images/videos/China-Journey.jpg| size=|400 320| album=|demo|}images/videos/1.flv&buffer=10&autostart=true&image=images/videos/China-Journey.jpg&fullscreen=true&width=854&height=505{/rokbox}


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