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Neck Tension – The missing link in chronic disease (pain) and idiopathic health conditions

What do headaches, muscle pain, depression, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ear, allergies, and high blood pressure have to do with neck tension?

Our stressful lifestyle today creates tightness in our muscles, especially around the neck and shoulder areas. Sitting in front of the desk and staring at the computer all day, puts strain in the same area leading to the misalignment of C1 and C2 bones under the head. Misalignment of the C1 and C2 bones can also be caused by physical trauma such as a car or sports accident, a fall or even childbirth.

These two bones house the medulla oblongata, the lowest part of the brain stem, which is the master control center of the entire nervous system. All of the nerves come out from the spinal cord when the spinal column is suppressed, the nervous system has difficulty in passing or receiving signals from our organs, and our organs will not be able to function well.

Problems like tinnitus is a sign of the auricular nerve going to the ear not conducting well, and loss of vision is the result of the nerve transmitting to the eyes being blocked, and locked jaw is a result of the occipital bone, or C1-C2 bone being misaligned, thus there is pain and trouble with movement. When seeking a doctor's opinion, nerve damage is what we will mostly hear from our office visits, but the underlying cause will likely be the misplaced C1-C2.

In the following articles, Dr. Ellen Huang will discuss more about the symptoms such as depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid problem, sweating, as well as heart burn and neck and shoulder (C1-C2) tension.

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