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China Observation - Dermatology Department

dermatologyAlright guys, here I am yet again with some more information - this time in the Dermatology unit!

Jong and I have been bouncing between 3 different rooms, all within the Dermatology ward as we see different treatment styles. One of the rooms is specific for more contagious skin diseases like Herpes Zoster etc. Another of the rooms is specific for treating Acne and Eczema patients, while the final room is for a wider variety of diseases like Psoriasis etc.

For point selection, there is much overlap as seen in Gynecology or many of the other departments. Regardless, the root and branch of disease are addressed through treatment. Something of interest is that the doctors don't use any topical application with herbs to treat any skin disease. Although it is always an option based on what is being treated, they tend to stick with herbal formulas - though acupuncture alone is very effective and often used as the only method of treatment. The most common secondary complaints are symptoms of Yin Xu and Heat - constipation, dryness, flushing of skin, night sweats and hyperactivity in the evening. Again, improper diet and lifestyle are the biggest contributors here. Treatment is of course focused on nourishing Yin/Blood and clearing heat (for majority of cases).

The treatment styles for Acne were the most interesting - as the doctors would actually lancet the sores just at the surface to release the toxins while preventing scarring (almost like a dermabrasion but with needles). Before this, however, ashi points are given at the edge of the pimples and directed below the center of the actual sores. At this time, actual points are selected based on meridian and zang-fu diagnosis. After this procedure and the following dermabrasion needle method, the doctors actually perform fire blood-cupping on the faces of the patients! The procedure is very quick as the doctor constantly applies and removes suction to various areas that are bleeding on the face (we are presently trying to get video footage with patient's permission). Though very messy, the results are very good; as three patients we have seen returning almost every day are visually improving remarkably - although it is important to remember the root cause bringing the flares, most commonly lung and stomach heat with heat in the blood.

For more contagious diseases, needles are inserted around the area of the affected site. Actual infrared lasers are used as well to stimulate blood circulation to areas that were either damaged by inflammation and so on. It is very common to see plum-blossoming used here as well. Once these methods are performed, the patients again are properly diagnosed and treated with acupuncture and/or herbs.

We have seen many various cases, and i mean LOTS. But if there is anything that anyone is interested in particular please feel free to ask and i'll shed light on anything we may have seen involving such a case. I'm surprised that we have not seen guasha used in any treatment yet - though the doctors speak highly of its effectiveness. In addition, heat lamps are ALWAYS used to make sure Qi and Blood are flowing properly, even if the patient has heat in the system. Regardless, the methods used are proving to be very effective, though patients are coming roughly 3 times per week.

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