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Dr. Kyle Picard, TCMD, R.Ac

Dr. Kyle PicardDr. Picard is a graduate of the ACATCM Doctor of Acupuncture program and experienced acupuncturist, Dr. Kyle Picard has returned to the great City of Calgary and the ACATCM as one of their newest instructors.

Including the excellent education from the ACATCM Dr. Kyle Picard has completed MacEwan Universities Holistic Health Diploma and developed skills in Reflexology and Acupressure. As part of his continued education Dr. Kyle Picard studied many powerful acupuncture techniques such as Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance method, Dr Liu-Chun Huang’s Auricular Medicine techniques, and Dr. Tung treatment styles to develop a well rounded skill set.

Dr. Kyle has also had the opportunity to intern at the Yunnan University’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Kunming, China, observing and participating in treatments during his stay.

Open to all cases, Dr. Kyle operates a varied client base ranging from pain syndromes, allergies, digestive troubles, and mental-emotional challenges.

In his personal life Dr. Kyle is an avid cyclist, commuting to the college through the year and enjoys riding through nose hill park.

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