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Dr. Lynda Smith, TCMD, R.Ac, C.H., ADS

Dr. Lynda SmithDr. Lynda Smith is an accomplished and highly regarded acupuncturist and TCMD in Calgary, AB. Dr. Smith demonstrated her leadership qualities and eagerness to learn medicine at very young age. Through the past 20 years, Dr. Smith has gained knowledge in Herbology, Iridology, Homeopathics, Nutrition, sports medicine, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her extensive knowledge in mental/emotional, digestive and physical ailments has earned her much respect in her field.

As a student learning acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Dr. Lynda’s class mates valued her advice and guidance and with this recognition was asked to join the college before her graduation in 2010. With her vast accomplishments and hard work being greatly appreciated by staff, faculty and students, Dr. Lynda Smith became the Vice-President of ACATCM in 2013.

Dr. Lynda Smith is a member of the College and Associations of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA), National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA) and Acupuncture Without Borders (AWB). Dr. Smith spreads her time between the College and her private practice at the Integrative Health Centre in Inglewood. She also offers services at the Alpha House, where she administers Acupuncture based on the NADA protocol to people suffering from addictions.

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