English Proficiency Policy

English Proficiency Policy

All international students are required to meet our English Language Proficiency requirements to be admitted to the Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine program. English is the primary language of instruction and communication at ACATCM, students must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English as a foundation for success in the program.

Proficiency in English can be proved in one of the following ways:

  1. Successful completion of three years of full-time study in an educational institute of Canada or the equivalent, where the major language of instruction is English.
  2. Graduation from a recognized degree program offered by an accredited university at which English is the primary language of instruction.
  3. TOEFL iBT score 35-45
  4. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of at least 5.0

Note: Your language scores used for admission will be kept with students’ records as part of the admission process; upon request, ACATCM will provide them to the Ministry for the review of the compliance.


International student meets any one of the following conditions are not required to submit proof of proficiency in English:

  • Mother tongue (language first learned and still used on a daily basis) is English
  • Has obtained (or is about to obtain) an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the language of instruction
  • Has obtained (or is about to obtain) an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized institution in Canada or the United States of America
  • Has lived and attended university and/or college, or been employed, for at least two consecutive years, in a country where English is the acknowledged primary language
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