Examination Policy

Scheduling of Tests

All exams must be taken at the scheduled time unless previous arrangements have been made. Previous arrangements mean students HAVE SECURED A DEAN’S EXCUSE and you have informed the instructor in writing prior to the examination.

Tests are scheduled within regular class time except in those special cases where prior approval has been obtained from the instructor offering the course.

Final Examinations

All final examination in a course is held in the examination period following the session in which the course was completed.

Final examinations are scheduled by the Dean of Academics.

Students with a registered disability who require special arrangements for their final examination should contact the administration office.

Should a student write an examination, hand in the paper for marking, and later report extenuating circumstances to support a request for cancellation of the paper and for another examination or a deferred examination, such a request will be denied.

Retroactive withdrawals will also not be considered.

Students must be available for examinations up to the last day of the examination period.

Deferred Exams

All exams must be taken at the scheduled time unless previous arrangements have been made and accepted by the DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS. The College will only consider deferrals for the following reasons:

  • Death or major illness in a student’s family.
  • Illness of a dependent family member.
  • Participation in legal proceedings or administrative procedures that require a student’s presence.
  • An illness that is too severe or contagious for the student to attend. A doctor’s note is required.
  • Whether or severe road conditions. A written note is required, even if it is from the student, so that we may have a record of it.

A deferred examination may be granted to a student who is absent from an examination through no fault of his or her own for medical or other valid reasons as stated above

To apply, a student must submit satisfactory documentary evidence (i.e. a doctor’s note) to the College within five working days of the missed examination.

The College will consider all requests for special deferred examinations and notify the Registration Office and student of its decision within ten working days of receipt of the application. A grade of “DF” will be indicated until the examination is taken.

A deferred examination shall be accorded the same weight as the regular final examination in the computation of the student’s final grade.

Students with special needs may request alternative arrangements for examinations. For more information, students may consult with the Dean of Academic Affairs.

A student who becomes ill during an examination must notify the invigilator immediately of the inability to complete the examination. The student may then apply to write a deferred examination.

A student who has sat through an examination and has handed the paper in for marking will not be granted a deferred examination.


Should a student suspect an examination is marked incorrectly, he/she may request a meeting with the instructor and the Dean of Academic Affairs to re-assessing the exam.

A $25.00 re-assessment fee may apply should re-assessment resulting in no change of marking.

Supplementary Exams

A student whose academic grade has declined in the course due to an examination worth at least 40% can apply for a supplementary examination.

The student must submit the application along with a non-refundable fee of $50.00. The student will then be informed of the date of the test.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the supplementary exam within 90 days from the date that mark is given.

Online Exams

All quizzes and exams are conducted online in real-time. Students must complete their quizzes and exams within the required time limit.

In case the students can not take quizzes and exams online, students must schedule a time to take these exams in person or at the approved location under supervision.

An approved examination environment can be any educational institute or professional office. The exams will be mailed to the approved exam supervisor who will then administer the test at an arranged time. The supervisor will ensure the exam is kept sealed until the exam time. Upon completion of the exam, the tests will be sealed and sent back to the school. Such an arrangement normally made prior to a course start date.

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