Financial Policy


Full tuition is due by the program starting date.

Tuition deferrals may only be possible for students receiving financial aid through the Canada Student Loan Program paid by installments.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to qualified students enrolled in our Acupuncture Program. No financial assistance for students enrolled in other programs.

Once accepted to ACATCM, students are able to apply for financial assistance through the provincial and federal government student loans services.

ACATCM administration is also available to help with guiding students through the process of applying for loans. For those who do not qualify for student loans, a monthly payment plan may be made available for students.

Re-payment plans

Six months after a student’s last day of studies, regardless of whether they successfully complete their program, they are required to make their first loan payment, which may be on both their provincial and federal loans. Both Alberta Student Loans and Canada Student Loans will send information to students before the six months of grace time has expired. However, it is highly recommended to keep in touch with both of these providers by setting up online accounts with them and making sure all personal information is correct (i.e. Address).

More detailed information on student loans and re-payment can be found here:

Refund Policy

Full or partial tuition may be refundable depending on the progress of scheduled classes. Our refund policy follows the guidelines of the Alberta Private Vocational Training Regulation. A printed version of the Regulation is available at the Administration Office.

Not all withdrawals will be accepted; the following circumstances and restrictions apply:

  • A student must complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the Registration Office.
  • Refunds will be based on the date withdrawal forms are received.
  • Non-attendance will not automatically be considered as a withdrawal. A refund will not be issued until a withdrawal form is completed.

For more information please refer to Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

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