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Gallbladder meridian (foot shao yang) Pathway

Gallbladder MeridianKnown as the 'Honorable Minister', the gall bladder is in charge of the 'Central Clearing Department'. It secretes the pure and potent bile fluids required to digest and metabolize fats and oils, and its energy provides muscular strength and vitality.

It works with the lymphatic system to clear toxic by-products of metabolism from the muscular system, thereby eliminating muscular aches and fatigue. In the Chinese system, the common tension headache is caused by obstruction in the gall-bladder meridian, which runs up over the shoulders and back of the neck to the top of the head and forehead. Hence such headaches are usually accompanied by neck and shoulder tension.

The gall bladder governs daring and decisiveness. In Chinese, the word for 'daring' is da dan ('big gall'). The English language also acknowledges this psychophysiological relationship with the phrase 'a lot of gall'. An old Chinese adage states: 'The gall bladder is daring, the heart is careful', which reflects the stimulating generative influence of Wood to Fire.

Passage with points

The meridian originates from the outer canthus (GB 1)  ascends to the corner of the forehead  curves downward to the retroauricular region  runs along the lateral neck to the shoulder  turns back and traverses down to the supraclavicular fossa  from there descends along the lateral aspect of the chest  passes in front of the axilla  goes through the free ends of the floating ribs  reaches the hip region (GB 30).

The branch arising from the retroauricular region enters the ear  comes out and passes through the preauricular region  arrives in the posterior aspect of the outer canthus.

The branch from the gallbladder runs inside the hypochondriac region  comes out from the lateral side of the lower abdomen near the femoral artery in the inguinal region  from there runs superficially along the margin of the pubic hair  goes transversely into the hip region to meet the previous branch  then descends along
the lateral aspect of the thigh and knee  goes further downward along the anterior border of the fibula  passes in front of the lateral malleolus  follows the dorsum of the foot  terminates at the lateral side of the tip of the 4th toe (GB 44).

Passage without points

The branch arising from the outer canthus runs downward to ST 5  meets the triple warmer meridian in the infraorbital region  passes through ST 6  descends to the neck  enters the supraclavicular fossa, where it meets the main meridian.

The branch from the supraclavicular fossa descends to the chest  passes through the diaphragm  connects with the liver  enters its pertaining organ the gallbladder. 

The branch from the dorsum of the foot springs from GB 41  runs between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones to the distal portion of the great toe  terminates at its hairy region, where it links with the liver meridian.

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