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Faculty and Staff


Celebrating over twenty-one years of continued success, we are credible, extablished, dedicated and unified!
Dr. Dennis Lee
Dr. Dennis Lee/ Co-President /
Dr. Colton Oswald
Dr. Colton Oswald/ Co-President /
Dr. Lynda Smith
Dr. Lynda Smith/ Vice President /
Dr. Benny Xu
Dr. Benny Xu/ Founder /
Dr. Shawn Zhou
Dr. Shawn Zhou/ R.Ac, TCMD, M.Sc /
Dr. G. Shalygina
Dr. G. Shalygina/ R.Ac, TCMD, RMT /
Dr. Kyle Picard
Dr. Kyle Picard/ TCMC, R.AC /
Dr. Tanya Reinhart
Dr. Tanya Reinhart / TCMD, R.Ac /
Dr. Skye V Munster
Dr. Skye V Munster / TCMD, R.Ac /
Dr. J.P. Bohemier
Dr. J.P. Bohemier/ Chiropractor /
Dr. G. Stushnoff
Dr. G. Stushnoff/ MD, M.Sc /
Dr. Angela Lee
Dr. Angela Lee/ TCMD, R.Ac, M.Sc /
Dr. Michael Lin
Dr. Michael Lin/ TCMD, R.Ac /
Master Mo Fun
Master Mo Fun/ Taiqi and Kungfu Master /
Neo Wang
Neo Wang/ Office Administrator /
Bella Tan
Bella Tan/ VP, Business Development /
Dorothy Zhao
Dorothy Zhao/ Office Administrator /
Vicky Yang
Vicky Yang/ VP, Community Development /
Audrey Lu
Audrey Lu/ Office Administrator /
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