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Use of acupuncture in the management of chronic haemophilia pain


redbloodcellsHemophilia is an X chromosome genetic disorder wherein the body has an impaired ability to stop bleeding.

Hemophilia is more common in males because females have two X chromosomes and are therefore less likely to have the defect on both X chromosomes.

In haemophilia, the blood's ability to clot is severely reduced because an essential clotting factor - a chemical within the blood - is partly or completely missing. This means that people bleed for longer than normal.Persons with haemophilia experience persistent pain resulting in chronic arthritic symptoms. The older person with haemophilia who did not benefit from primary prophylaxis are particularly at risk for persistent pain in multiple target joints as a result of repeated joint bleeding with delayed treatment received.

Indian's study suggests that persons are continually seeking additional resources to relieve pain. This study seeks to identify: (i) effects of acupuncture use for persons with haemophilia who experience persistent joint pain as a result of repeated haemarthrosis and (ii) document no reported increased bleeding risk as a result of acupuncture use.

Their study suggests that acupuncture therapy can be a safe additional modality for pain management therapies in persons with haemophilia, although larger randomized studies are needed for further validation.

Artical of Use of acupuncture in the management of chronic haemophilia pain can be downloaded here.

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