How to choose the right school to learn acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine?


How to choose the right school?

Embarking on a career in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a big commitment of time and resources. Looking at the websites of the various institutions you can see that the contents of the programs are rather similar – as they should be! However, it is important to do your research and due diligence as the quality of the program and the competency of faculty and administrators will impact the outcome of provincial and Pan-Canadian registration exams.

Given the number of acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine schools to choose from, and some with apparent program similarities, how do you find the school that is right for you?

Visit your prospective schools

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Visit your prospective school’s office and the campus is absolutely essential.

Your intuition and instinct will help you determine if the atmosphere, environment, and people you will spend time with are right for you.

A positive learning environment and positive energy will increase your efficiency in learning.

It is important to get a sense of the ‘culture’ of the school that you are considering attending. After all, you will be spending three to four years with your instructors and fellow students in both classroom and clinic settings.

Check the history of your prospective schools

How long has your prospective school been in operation? There are a lot of moving parts for an institution/business to operate efficiently and effectively, it takes time.

There is enough to occupy you in learning the volume and complexity of the material to practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine, that you should not have to deal with hiccups in the administration and delivery of your education.

Check the facility

With over 20 years of teaching Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, ACATCM continues to establish a college that facilitates the enhancement of a student’s success.

To do this, ACATCM is located on two properties. Our classrooms are housed in the Heritage Hall at the prestigious SAIT campus thus allowing our students access to the numerous amenities provided.

Our clinic and administration offices are only a few blocks away in the beautiful community of Capitol Hill in the Banff Trail Plaza. This space brings numerous clinic rooms for treatments, our own TCM-backed library, a herbal dispensary, and room for students to hang out and study.

Prepare a question-list

We emphatically advise that you prepare a question list for the administrators and current students before your site visit. Questions may include:

  • Graduates report:
  • Licensing exams passing rate
  • Employment status
  • What kind of recognition does your school have?
  • What affiliations do your school have?
  • Can I observe a class and speak with current and past students?
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