Last week, the Alberta government announced the Chief Medical Officer of Health Order (CMOH ) 07-2020.  The CMOH Order 07-2020 is a part of the Alberta Government’s Re-Launch Strategy. The order permitted regulated health professions to reopen which subject to approved reopening guidelines by the Alberta government.

However, the one published on May 4th, CMOH Order 16-2020, that amended CMOH Order 07-2020,  and clarified that only health professions with Regularity Power (under Health Professional Act) can submit reopening guidelines for approval.

Since the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA) is the governing body for Acupuncture Regulation (under Health Disciplines Act, a Non-regulatory body), acupuncturists will need to wait for the released reopening guideline of the Alberta Government to restart the business.

This can be confusing to some, the reality is that acupuncturists are remaining to be able to provide urgent care, and acupuncture as a profession is not included in the current reopening order.

Intern Clinic Reopening stays ON HOLD

For now, CMOH Order 16-2020 puts our intern clinic reopen on hold.


CMOH Order 16-2020 does not affect our virtual classes, and our office can continuously be reached by email and phone.

FYI, our communication channels with the government and CAAA are constantly opening to ensure our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date COVID-19 school-related information.


Dr. Benny Xu, Executive Director

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