International Tuition and fees

Studying in Canada is affordable, and ACATCM has the following fee schedules for international students. All fees listed are in Canadian funds.

Tuition Fee for Acupuncture Program*

YearNo. of Courses with 0-3 credits ($880 each)No. of Courses with 4-6 credits ($1,780 each)International Students Tuition Fees
Total Tuition for Acupuncture Program$43,540

*International student are only eligible to apply for the Acupuncture program based on the license registered at Private Career Colleges (PCC) branch.

Application Fee

A $500.00 non-refundable application fee is due when submitting the application form.

Tuition Fee and Refund Policy

  • Tuition deposit of $400 must be paid no later than 2 weeks after acceptance letter is received.
  • Tuition to ACATCM must be paid in full by the deadline indicated in the academic calendar. Late tuition payment will be subject to interest rate of the Bank of Canada’s Prime Rate + 3%.
  • For refund policy, please refer to our student handbook by clicking here.

Textbooks and Supplies

Students are responsible for course books or materials.

  • Students are provided with a reference list of required and recommended text books which are the responsibility of the student to procure; 
  • Student notes are prepared by ACATCM in which students can directly purchase through ACATCM prior to the start of class commencement. 

The cost for course materials, textbooks and supplies ranges from $10 – $250 per course. A full-time student may expect to pay $900 – $1500 in textbooks and optional materials per academic year.

Scholarships and bursaries for International Students
A variety of scholarships and bursaries are available for eligible international students to reduce the cost of your education, lightening the financial burden of student loans and tuition.

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