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Kidney Meridian (Foot Shao Yin) Points

KI-7 (Fu Liu)


Chinese Name:

Fuliu 复溜

English translation:

Returning Current


On the medial aspect of the lower leg, 2 cun directly above KID 3, anterior to tendo calcaneus.


Jing-River point of the Kidney Meridian


  • Borborygmus, diarrhoea/dysentry, oedema, paralysis of lower limbs (wei syndrome).
  • Night sweats, minute pulse.
  • Abdominal distension, foot swelling/limb swelling, febrile diseases without sweating, spontaneous sweating/absence of sweating, lin syndrome, orchitis, low back pain. 


Strengthens the Kidneys, resolves Dampness, regulates sweating, treats edema, strengthens the low back.


Jing-River points are where the qi of the meridian begins to flow more heavily. They are known to treat cough and asthma due to pathogenic cold or heat.


Perpendicular insertion .6 - 1.0 cun.

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