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Large Intestine Meridian (Hand Yang Brightness) Points

LI-1 (Shang Yang)


Chinese Name:

Shangyang 商阳

English translation:

Metal Yang


On the radial end of the distal phalanx of the index finger, .1cun (finger cun) distance from the corner of the nail.


Jing-Well point of the Large Intestine Meridian. For heat, pain, stagnation, especially at the opposite end of the channel, for eye and ear pain and inflammation, toothache.


Deafness • Fever High • Finger Numbness • Jaw Disorders • Loss Of Consciousness • Throat Constriction • Throat Soreness • Tinnitus • Toothache


Clears Heat, revives consciousness, benefits the throat.


Jing-Well points are where the qi bubbles up. Jing-Well points are indicated to revive consciousness. Jing-Well points are known to treat fullness below the Heart and clear Heat.


Shallow insertion .1 cun, or prick the point to bleed.

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