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Lung Meridian (Hand Greater Yin) Points

LU-7 (Lie Que)


Chinese Name:

Lieque 列缺

English translation:

Broken Sequence


On the radial margin of the forearm, superior to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.

Locating methods:

when the index finger and the thumbs of both hands are crossed with index finger of one hand placed on the styloid process of the radius of the other, the depression right under the tip of the index finger is the acupoint. The palms turn to face each other and the fingers turn upward. Yangxi is in the two tendons. This acupoint is superior to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above Yangxi.


Luo-Connecting point of the Lung Meridian Master Point of Ren Meridian (couple with KID 6) Command point of head and neck


Asthma • Cough • Eye Deviation • Facial Muscle Paralysis • Genital Penis Pain • Grief • Headache • Hematuria • Hemiplegia • Jaw Disorders • Mouth Deviation • Neck Stiffness • Sadness • Throat Soreness • Toothache • Worry • Wrist Joint Soft Tissue Diseases


Releases the exterior, expels exterior Wind, helps descend Lung Qi, benefits the head and neck area, benefits the bladder.


LU 7 is a main point for releasing the exterior of Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat. The respective Yin and Yang meridians are internally-externally related by Luo-Connecting points. Luo-Connecting points of one meridian can communicate with two meridians. They treat diseases of the collaterals and can be used to treat chronic diseases, especially chronic diseases of the Zang-Fu organs. Clinically, Luo-Connecting points are often combined with Yuan-Source points in the treatment of diseases.


Insert obliquely upwards .3 - .5 cun.

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