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Master Mo Fan

Master Fan Mo, Taiji & Wushu Master

Master Fan MoAwarded the title of “Distinguished Athlete” by the Chinese Wushu Association and the China Ministry of Sports.

Master Mo was a member of the Chinese National Wu Shu team in 2000, 2001, and 2002, achieved Chinese Wushu Coach Certificated.

From 1997 to 2002, Master Mo achieved over 20 medals in National and International Tai Chi & Wu Shu Championships, including:

  • Shenzhen, August, 1997. Chinese National Wushu & Taichi Junior Championship Taichi Champion.
  • Marco, August, 1998. Asian Wushu Junior Championship Taichi Champion, Silver medal in Spear.
  • Zhuhai, November, 1998. Guangdong Province University Wushu Tournament Straight sword Champion, Spear Champion.
  • Hanzhou, May, 1999. Chinese National Taichi Championship “Yang” style Champion.
  • Shenzhen, July, 1999. Chinese University, Wushu Tournament “42 Movements Tai Chi” and “42 Movements Tai Chi straight sword” Champion. Silver medal in Straight Sword.
  • Beijing, May, 2000. Chinese National Wushu & Taichi Championship “Yang” style Champion, Taichi Group Champion.
  • Shunde, February, 2001. Chinese National Wushu & Taichi Championship “Yang” style Champion, “42 Movements Tai Chi”, “42 Movements Tai Chi straight sword” Silver Medal . Taichi Group Champion.
  • Hainan, March, 2001, The first World Tai Chi Championship “Yang” style Champion, “42 Movements Tai Chi” and “42 Movements Tai Chi Straight Sword” Champion.

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