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PC-7 (Da Ling)

PC-7 (Da Ling)


Chinese Name:

Da Ling 大陵

English translation:

Big Mound


In the middle of the transverse crease of the wrist, between the tendons of m. palmaris longus and m. flexor carpi radialis.


Yuan-Source point of the Pericardium Meridian
Shu-Stream point of the Pericardium Meridian
4th of the 13 Ghost points.


  • Cardiac pain, vomiting/haematemesis, palpitations, psychosis.
  • Gastric pain, epilepsy, pain in chest and sides, panic/fear, insomnia, tonsillitis, swelling of the axilla, skin disorders, bad breath, arm pain.
  • Diseases and pain of wrist joint, pain at the root of the tongue, neuraesthenia, lack of energy, constipation, cholera imperception of fingers, headache, fever without sweating and with headache, inflammation of eyes, yellow sclera, dry mouth, urine red like blood, palms of hands very hot, swelling of muscles in the renal region.


Clears the Heart and calms the spirit, reduces fire from heart, calms the mind, main point to treat insomnia, harmonizes/Pacifies the Stomach, expands the chest, dispels fullness from the chest, reducing (dispersion) point of the Pericardium channel.


Yuan-Source points are of great significance in treating diseases of the internal organs. Yuan-Source points are the sites where the Yuan (Primary) qi of the Zang-Fu organs passes and stays. Puncturing the Yuan-Source points stimulates the vital energy of the regular meridians, regulates the functional activities of the internal organs, reinforces antipathogenic factors and eliminates pathogenic factors. This method of treating diseases deals principally with the root causes. The Yuan (source) point from the affected meridian is often combined with the Luo (Connecting) point of the internally-externally related meridians in use. Shu-Stream points are where the qi starts to pour down the meridian. They are known to alleviate heaviness and pain in the joints. On Yin Meridians, Shu-Stream points are identical to the actions of Yuan-Source points.


Perpendicular insertion .5 - .8 cun.

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