Project Description

China Annual Students Exchange (C.A.S.E.)

Our students and graduates have the privilege to visit and further study with our partners in China in multiple ways. Through our partnership SNAPTCM, ACATCM is the only school in North America that is directly correlated with the Ministry of Chinese Medicine.

We are proud to provide our students with the opportunity to study at the best Universities in China, and now our China Annual Students Exchange (CASE) program is open to all acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, students, and people with interests in Canada wide.

Build Your Future With ACATCM Education

At ACATCM, we provide first-class learning experience to students, and proudly so.

  • Internationally Recognized – Including USA, Europe and China
  • Programs designed to help students succeed – Diploma, Degree, Certificate Programs
  • People-oriented Culture – Focus on people is one of our major principles
  • Student Dedication – ACATCM instills a life-long dedication to learning in our students
  • Career Placement – Be proud, be affiliated, be successful

The Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine intends to be the preeminent teaching and research institution.

China Annual Students Exchange (CASE) is a two-week study-tours that we arrange annually during April. Stays of several months or further studies can also be coordinated through our partner SNAPTCM.


I have had the luck and privilege to come across great teachers and faculty. The one thing that stands out is how much the school cares about you. You are not a number but a name. I can still email or ask my teachers for help and they are happy to respond. I am glad I found this school and would recommend it to anyone. Learning TCM at ACATCM was life changing for me.
I highly recommend ACATCM to anybody. The teachers taught in a way that is very relatable to real life practice. They encourage out of the box thinking and pushed us to succeed. Their passion for TCM is inspiring and I remember leaving class feeling so excited to begin practising. I feel a great sense of comradery with the teachers and alumni as we all share in the same purpose of helping others with TCM.
As a Massage Therapist, I wanted to go to the next level in my ability to treat and heal patients. TCM not only allows me to do this, it opens so many more doors. The learning of TCM has taught me to strive for balance and harmony.