Project Description

Upgrade Your Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree

Take your diploma to the next level with our upgrading program. With your accredited diploma, you could receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine in 1-2 years. The candidates will be assessed individually for flexible timelines and schedules.

This upgrade program is designed for students with an existing Diploma in Acupuncture, or Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Upgrade Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree program is delivered on the ACATCM campus, with 1-2 months of internship in China. This program is an collaboration effort between Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine, and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

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At ACATCM, we provide a first-class learning experience to students, and proudly so. Our leadership in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine education is recognized across Canada, the US (NCCAOM) and China.

  • Unrivaled Pan-Canadian Exams Success
  • International and Industry Recognition Awards
  • Innovative Programs Designed to Enhance The Learner Experience
  • A Proud Tradition of Academic Excellence, Achievements, Positive Atmosphere, and Joy of Learning.

Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

To gain a general idea of the courses/length required to upgrade, please use the following courses as a guideline in comparison with your Acupuncture and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine program. A typical upgrade will take 1-2 years for completion.

Note: Optional courses are also listed here, please submit your upgrade request for an assessment.

First Year

Fall Semester

  • Fundamental Theories of TCM (90 hr)
  • Physiology (90 hr)
  • Biochemistry (90 hr)
  • Microbiology (90 hr)
  • Total (360 hr)

Spring Semester

  • Anatomy (90 hr)
  • Pathology (90 hr)
  • Pharmacology (90 hr)
  • Diagnostics of TCM (90 hr)
  • Total (360 hr)

Second Year

Fall Semester

  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion I (90 hr)
  • TCM Herbology I (90 hr)
  • Tui Na (90 hr)
  • Internal TCM I (90 hr)
  • Clinical Observation I (36 hr)
  • Total (396 hr)

Spring Semester

  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion II (90 hr)
  • TCM Herbology II (90 hr)
  • Internal TCM II (90 hr)
  • External TCM (90 hr)
  • Clinical Observation II (36 hr)
  • Total (396 hr)

Third Year

Fall Semester

  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion III (45 hr)
  • TCM Herbology III (90 hr)
  • TCM Dermatology (45 hr)
  • TCM Gynecology and Pediatrics (90 hr)
  • TCM Classic: Huang Di Nei Jing (45 hr)
  • Standard Chinese I (36 hr)
  • Clinical Observation III (54 hr)
  • Total (405 hr)

Spring Semester

  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion IV (90 hr)
  • Western Medical Terminology (45 hr)
  • Western Medical Diagnostics (120 hr)
  • TCM Classic: Jin Gui Yao Lue (45 hr)
  • Standard Chinese II (36 hr)
  • Clinical Observation IV (90 hr)
  • Total (426 hr)

Fourth Year

Fall Semester

  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion V (45 hr)
  • Laboratory Medicine and Medical Imaging (90 hr)
  • TCM Classic: Shang Han Lun (45 hr)
  • Clinical Mgmt and Communications Skills (45 hr)
  • First Aid and CPR (45 hr)
  • Medicinal Dietary Therapy (45 hr)
  • Standard Chinese III (54 hr)
  • Clinical Observation (90 hr)
  • Total (459 hr)

Spring Semester

  • Ancient Medical Literature (45 hr)
  • TCM EENT Specialty (45 hr)
  • TCM Classic: Wen Bing Xue (45 hr)
  • Integration of TCM and Western Medicine (45 hr)
  • Special Clinical Case Studies (90 hr)
  • TCM Orthopedics (45 hr)
  • Standard Chinese IV (54 hr)
  • Clinical Observation (90 hr)
  • Total (459 hr)

Fifth Year

  • Clinical Observation (104 hr)
  • Final Practicum (1000 hr)
  • Heat Sensitive Moxibustion (200 hr)
  • Preparation for Licensing Examinations
  • Total (1304 hr)

Total Program Hours: 4565
Total Clinical Hours: 1500

Program Length

Upgrade Diploma in Acupuncture to Bachelor’s Degree

  • Program Length: Two years
  • Internship in China: 1 month per year

Upgrade Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine to Bachelor’s Degree

  • Program Length: One year
  • Internship in China: 1 month

Enrollment time and completion time are flexible.

Enrollment Assessment

Due to background differences, candidates will be assessed individually for enrollment.

Base on the educational background and training, the transfer of credit will be assessed accordingly, and it is possible to complete the upgrade program early.

Tuition and Fees

$9800.00 per academic year. Course approved for credit transfer will be accredited.

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I have had the luck and privilege to come across great teachers and faculty. The one thing that stands out is how much the school cares about you. You are not a number but a name. I can still email or ask my teachers for help and they are happy to respond. I am glad I found this school and would recommend it to anyone. Learning TCM at ACATCM was life changing for me.
I highly recommend ACATCM to anybody. The teachers taught in a way that is very relatable to real life practice. They encourage out of the box thinking and pushed us to succeed. Their passion for TCM is inspiring and I remember leaving class feeling so excited to begin practising. I feel a great sense of comradery with the teachers and alumni as we all share in the same purpose of helping others with TCM.
As a Massage Therapist, I wanted to go to the next level in my ability to treat and heal patients. TCM not only allows me to do this, it opens so many more doors. The learning of TCM has taught me to strive for balance and harmony.