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School of Acupuncture Program Overview

Diploma in Acupuncture Program Overview

Internationally recognized as one the most advanced three-year diploma programs in the world, our flagship curriculum ensures graduates will master the full scope of acupuncture and incorporate many additional aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into a successful practice.

As the longest-running acupuncture program in Alberta, for over 20 years, this proven diploma programme content is the most comprehensive and well-rounded available in Canada. Students will establish a superior foundation from classroom instruction, online interactive support and extensive hands-on training to prepare them to be elite practitioners.

Over the three years, students will deeply explore theoretical and clinical concepts of Acupuncture and TCM. Students will also learn the ancient philosophies, diagnostic principles and treatment techniques, as well as the foundations of Western medical science. Our program and instructors are constantly improving and evolving with modern times, however we will never loose touch with the core foundation and history of TCM. Instead we strive to continue to learn from the past and apply this knowledge to the future.

Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) provides a first class learning experience to students who are committed to providing quality health care services upon graduation.

Be part of something exceptional and help us to carry on our tradition of excellence!

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