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Our students and graduates have the luxury to visit and further study with our partners in China in multiple ways. Visiting student programs, graduate programs and postgraduate programs can be found here.

Here we listed a few of our partners in China:

Please contact our administration office for details.

Candidates never registered at the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine must complete the Application for Admission form which can be downloaded from our Download Centre.

The completed forms must be submitted to our Registration Office, together with:

Is it the right profession for you?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are vastly recognized in Canada, and acupuncture sessions are covered by most insurance companies. 

A prospective student should know:

Choose ACATCM for quality, trust, confidence and peace of mind!

As the first school providing professional acupuncture and TCM programs in Alberta our leadership in the field has never been altered. Since 1997 we have repeatedly demonstrated our leadership in quality education, research programs, and technological adaptions. There are many reasons to learn acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with us:

Students ClassificationTuition
Full-time Students $4,900.00 per semester
Full-time Students $9,800.00 per academic year
Part-time students $14.00 / credited hour
Non-classified Students 60% of full tuition

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to qualified Canadian students through the Federal and Provincial Student Loan programs. Students wishing to obtain financial aid may discuss their student loan status with our administration office.


Registration Fee

A $100.00 non-refundable application fee is due when submitting the application form.


Tuition Deposit

A $400.00 tuition deposit is due within 14 days after receiving the notification of acceptance.


Textbooks and Supplies

The cost for course materials, textbooks and supplies range from $10 - $250 per course. A full-time student may expect to pay $900 - $1500 in textbooks and optional materials per academic year.


This program enables graduates to master the full scope of acupuncture as well as incorporate other aspects of TCM into their practice so they will be proficient in the clinical environment.

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine program is designed to prepare students to become high quality TCM doctors that can competently help people with all TCM modalities. Graduates will be able to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine comprehensively and efficiently with a complete understanding of this ancient healing art.

Information in this section is specified for International Students. For information not listed here, please refer to our Training Programs section.

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