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When a student needs to withdraw from the program either before commencement of classes or after commencement of classes, it is required that the student fill out a withdraw letter. These are available in the administration office. The tuition pre-payment is as follows;


Unauthorized use of the facilities and damage or defacement to the facilities is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action.

The College does not assume responsibility or liability for the loss of, or damage to, personal property.

For safety and security issues, the Market Mall Security can be reached at 288-5467.

Scheduling of Tests

All exams must be taken at the scheduled time unless previous arrangements have been made. Previous arrangements mean student HAVE SECURED A DEAN'S EXCUSE and you have informed the instructor in writing prior to the examination.

Tests are scheduled within regular class time except in those special cases where prior approval has been obtained from the instructor offering the course.


Full tuition is due by program start date.

Tuition deferrals may only be possible for students receiving financial aid through the Canada Student Loan Program paid by installments.


This policy is made to assist both students and staff in the resolution of student concerns and complaints constructively, quickly and fairly. Where minor concerns arise, students are encouraged to raise them directly with the relevant staff, with the aim of resolving them at the lowest possible level and without undue formality. However, where informal discussions have not yielded a satisfactory resolution, or where the matter is more serious, the following policy provides for a more formal process to be pursued.

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