Due to the growing risks of Covid 19 infections across the province, ACATCM has chosen to transition from in-person learning to a live virtual classroom setting EFFECTIVE MONDAY MARCH 16 2020. 

To help you move smoothly to this new digital classroom, please find the following text tutorial and guidelines. 

The ACATCM will be using ZOOM cloud conferencing to create our virtual classroom so all students and instructors will first need to set up an account on their site.

Setting up a personal account on a mobile device (phone or tablet)

  • Search your respective app store for the zoom cloud meetings app
  • Enter the app and set up a personal account following the prompts

Set up a personal account at www.zoom.us

  • Once you arrive on the homepage, the upper right-hand corner will be a blue sign up button, select it
  • Input your email and follow the prompts to create your account

Once you have created a personal account, you will need to message your professors in your respective classes from an account you regularly use (excluding @shaw.ca email accounts) with your name and an alternate contact method.

Virtual classroom invites will be sent a minimum of 1 day before you are expected to attend.

Your invite email will include:

  • Meeting ID
  • Password for entry
  • URL link (usable only on laptop/desktop)

To join a virtual classroom at the designated time will depend on your selected device


  • Open the zoom cloud meetings app 
  • Input the meeting ID followed by the password when prompted
  • If you join before the scheduled start of class you may be added to a waiting room or be unable to access the classroom.


  • Select or copy and paste the URL given in your invite email
  • If the first step fails, access your personal account from zoom.us
  • At the top of the webpage select, the icon labelled “JOIN A MEETING”
  • The next page will prompt you to input your meeting ID and password provided in the invite email

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time and together we can do our part to protect our fellow Canadians from the dangers of CoVid-19 by helping to “Flatten the Curve”.

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