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Small Intestine meridian (hand tai Yin) Pathway

Small Intestine MeridianKnown as the 'Minister of Reception', the small intestine receives partially digested food from the stomach and further refines it, separating 'the pure from the impure', then assimilating the purified nutrients and moving the impure wastes onwards to the large intestine for elimination. Associated with the heart by Fire energy, the small intestine controls the more basic emotions, as reflected in the Chinese term "duan chang" ('broken intestines'), which is equivalent to the English term 'broken heart'. Its energy meridian runs into the head, where it influences the function of the pituitary gland, the 'master gland' whose secretions regulate growth, metabolism, immunity, sexuality, and the entire endocrine system.

Passage with points

The meridian starts from the ulnar side of the tip of the little finger (SI 1) arrow follows the ulnar side of the dorsum of the hand arrow reaches the wrist arrow emerges from the styloid process of the ulna arrow from there ascends along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the forearm arrow passes between the olecranon of the ulna and the medial epicondyle of the humerus arrow runs along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the upper arm up to the shoulder joint arrow circles around the scapular region arrow meets DU 14 on the back arrow turns downward to the supraclavicular fossa arrow ascends to the neck and further to the cheek arrow via the outer canthus enters the ear.

The branch from the neck runs upward to the infraorbital region and then to the lateral side of the nose arrow reaches the inner canthus, where it links with the urinary bladder meridian.

Passage without points

The branch from the supracalvicular fossa enters the chest to connect with the heart arrow right from there descends along the esophagus arrow right passes through the diaphragm arrow right reaches the stomach arrow right finally enters its pertaining organ the small intestine.

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