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Small Intestine Meridian (Hand Tai Yin) Points

SI-1 (Shao Ze)


Chinese Name:

Shaoze 少泽

English translation:

Lesser Marsh


On the ulnar side of the distal phalanx of the little finger, .1 cun (finger cun) distance from the corner of the nail.


Jing-Well point of the Small Intestine Meridian


Nebula, sore throat.
Wind-stroke coma, febrile diseases, insufficient lactation.
Mastitis, headache, chest pain, pain in ribs, arm pain, stiff neck, stiff tongue.
Jaundice, shortness of breath, cough, acute disorders caused by Wind, muscular contractures, Yin (cold) symptoms with vomiting, dry mouth, hypersalivation, stomatitis, deformation of eyes, cardiomegalia, irritability, convulsions.


Resuscitates, promotes lactation, opens orifices, clears Heat.


SI 1 is an empirical point for insufficient lactation. Jing-Well points are where the qi bubbles up. Jing-Well points are indicated to revive consciousness. Jing-Well points are known to treat fullness below the Heart and clear Heat.


Subcutaneous insertion .1cun or prick to bleed.

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