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Spleen Meridian (Foot Greater Yin) Points

SP-1 (Yin Bai)


Chinese Name:

Yinbai 隐白

English translation:

Hidden White


On the medial side of the big toe, .1 cun from the corner of the nail.


Jing-Well point of the Spleen Meridian.


Abdominal distension, menorrhagia.
Haematuria, uterine bleeding, much dreaming, infantile convulsions, epistaxis, diarrhoea, cold legs, spitting blood, dyspnoea.
Others: Spasms of uterus, dyspepsia, moria, vomiting, cannot swallow anything, haemorrhoids (with SP3), abdominal pain or distension, colic, cold in the abdomen, syncope, hordeolum, conjunctivitis, sleepiness, sensation of heat in chest, gall bladder stone.


Stops bleeding, regulates the Spleen, calms the shen, revives consciousness.


Using moxa on SP 1 can stop bleeding anywhere in the body, especially uterine bleeding. Jing-Well points are where the qi bubbles up. Jing-Well points are indicated to revive consciousness. Jing-Well points are known to treat fullness below the Heart and clear Heat.


Subcutaneous insertion .1 cun.

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