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Spleen - The Acquired Origin

Spleen - The Acquired Origin

The spleen transports the essence of water and grain drawn out by its pair organ the stomach and distributes it to the whole body. Supplying various needs, and maintains the normal life activities of the human body.

The main physiological function of the spleen is the main absorption and transportation of nourishment. Combined the spleen and stomach are the main organs of digestion, absorption and distribution of nourishment. After birth, any action including the energy production, build and repain tissue, and moisten with body fluids all depend on the essence of food and water transferred by the spleen and stomach. Because of this, the spleen and stomach are known as the “acquired origin” of the body.

I. Major physiological function

Transportation is considered the spleen’s main function. This refers to the physiological function of transforming water and grain into the essence of water and grain (named grain essence) and body fluid (water essence), and absorbing and transferring the essence to the whole body. This is the central link in metabolising what we eat, and because of that, maintain human life.

The transportation of food and water are two aspects of the main transportation of the spleen. Diet content is the only source of nutrients after birth. It generates essence, qi, blood, body fluid, and material foundation. Spleen is the organ in charge of your entire digestion and absorption of food and transporting to where it is needed. It will transform food and water to essence, qi, blood, body fluid to provide the raw materials of life. The theory that the spleen is the "acquired basis" is of great significance for health maintenance and disease prevention. In daily life to maintain health, we should pay attention to protecting the spleen and stomach, enrich and improve the function of spleen, so that the healthy qi will be sufficient to protect us from evil Qi or external influences.


II. Physiological characteristics

(1) Lift Clear Nutrients

"Qing" refers to nutrients such as fine grains and water. Spleen mainly works to transfer Qi and gastrointestinal absorption of water and grain essence into the heart, lung and other viscera. With the assistance of the heart and lung food and water are now able to nourish and moisten the whole body.

(2) Elevate internal organs Another function of the spleen is to lift and hold the viscera. This refers to the lifting function and how it can play a relatively stable environment to maintain the viscera and prevent drooping. Spleen rises while the stomach descends, these two organs create a harmonious balance and maintain viscera position. Because spleen rises, it is typically indicated prolapse cases.

(3) Prefers a dry environment The spleen prefers a dry internal climate and adverse to thick sticky damp environments, which opposes the stomach, the stomach prefers a damp environment to encourage “rotting and ripening” or breaking down materials. The reason why the spleen prefers a dry environment is to facilitate the physiological function of transporting and transforming food and water.

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