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Stomach Meridian (Foot Yang Brightness) Points

ST-36 (Zu San Li)


Chinese Name:

Zusanli 足三里

English translation:

Leg Three Miles


On the anterior aspect of the lower leg, 3 cun below ST 35, one finger-breadth (middle finger) from the anterior crest of the tibia.


He-Sea point of the Stomach Meridian
Command point of the Abdomen
Point of the Sea of Water and Grain


Strengthens the Spleen, Harmonizes the Spleen and Stomach, Harmonizes the intestines and clears food stagnation, makes contravecting Qi descend and stops vomiting, regulates Qi and Blood, reinforces Xu conditions generally, eliminates Dampness, transforms Phlegm, prevents disease (enhances immune function), breaks up blood stagnation in the chest.


Tonifies Qi and Blood, harmonizes and strengthens the Spleen and Stomach, strengthens the body and Wei qi, raises Yang, calms the Shen, activates the meridian, stops pain.


ST 36 is known as one of the most important points to tonify Qi and Blood and promote general wellness. He-Sea points are where the qi of the meridian collects and goes deep into the body. He-sea points are known to indicated treat rebellious qi and diarrhea.


Perpendicular insertion 1.0 - 2.0 cun.

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