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Urinary Bladder Meridian (Toot Tai Yang) Points

UB-1 (Jing Ming)


Chinese Name:

Jingming 睛明

English translation:

Bright Eyes


On the face, in the depression superior to the inner canthus.


Crossing point of the Urinary Bladder, Small Intestine, Stomach Meridians and the Yin Qiao and Yang Qiao Vessels


  • Redness / swelling and pain of eye, itching of eyes, excessive lacrimation, night blindness, color blindness, myopia, nebula, visual dizziness, atrophy of optic nerve, other eye disorders.
  • Headache, fear of cold.
  • Infantile convulsions, facial nerve paralysis, pain in eye with lacrimation on exposure to wind in emaciated children with yellow skin and hard distended abdomen.


Benefits the eyes, clears Heat, expels Wind.


Have patient close eyes. With the left hand, gently push the eyeball toward the lateral side, with the right hand slowly insert the needle perpendicularly .5 - 1.0 cun along the orbital wall. It is not advisable to rotate or lift and thrust the needle (or only rotate or lift and thrust slightly). To avoid bleeding, press the punctured site momentarily after withdrawing the needle.

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