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Urinary Bladder Meridian (Toot Tai Yang) Points

UB-15 (Xin Shu)


Chinese Name:

Xinshu 心俞

English translation:

Heart Shu


On the back, 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 5th thoracic vertebra.


Back-Shu point of the Heart


  • Cough, hemoptysis/spitting blood.
  • Palpitations with fear, poor memory, epilepsy.
  • Cardiac pain, psychosis, irritability, insomnia, night sweats, cardiac diseases, cardiac arrhythmia, lin syndrome, nocturnal seminal emission, vomiting/dysphagia, fever/chills, five hearts (soles) hot, muteness.
  • Visual dizziness, eyes move incessantly, eye pain and tearing, epistaxis, clear runny snivel, red lips, tongue diseases, discomfort in the chest, intercostal neuralgia, shortness of breath, heartburn, hypertension, syncope, hemiplegia, jaundice, hot and cold abscess, lack of heart energy, child speaks slowly, abundant sweating.


Strengthens and nourishes the Heart, calms the Shen, regulates Heart Qi, opens the chest, resolves Blood stagnation, clears Heart Heat/Fire.


UB 15 is one of the best points for insomnia and Anxiety, especially if the pattern is due to heat. Back-Shu points are corresponding points on the back where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organ is infused. If the Five Zang organs are diseased, abnormal reactions appear on the Back-Shu points. Back-Shu points have a direct therapeutic effect on the diseases of the Five Zang organs. For more complete information on Back-Shu and Front-Mu points, click here.


Oblique insertion .5 - .8 cun.

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