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Urinary Bladder Meridian (Toot Tai Yang) Points

UB-16 (Du Shu)


Chinese Name:

Dushu 督俞

English translation:

Governing Shu


On the back, 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 6th thoracic vertebra.


Back-Shu point of the Du Vessel


  • Cardiac pain.
  • Abdominal pain with borborygmus, contravection of Qi in chest and diaphgram.
  • Troubles of energy, alopecia, mastitis, intercostal neuralgia, pruritus, psoriasis.


Invigorates the Blood, opens the chest, regulates the Qi in chest and abdomen.


Back-Shu points are corresponding points on the back where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organ is infused. If the Five Zang organs are diseased, abnormal reactions appear on the Back-Shu points. Back-Shu points have a direct therapeutic effect on the diseases of the Five Zang organs. For more complete information on Back-Shu and Front-Mu points, click here.


Oblique insertion .5 - .8 cun.

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